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SmartRE Hawaii Neighborhood Popularity Index*

*Based on the past 90 days of real estate sales in Hawaii. Popularity is determined by absorption which evaluates the rate at which available properties are sold in a specific market. It is calculated by dividing the number of homes sold by the total number of available homes. For a neighborhood to qualify for the popularity index, there must be at least 10 properties for sale at the time of ranking. Neighborhoods are grouped by average sale price (market value). If you would like detailed info regarding a more specific price range, please contact us.

Harcourts Island Real Estate
AskingAverage asking price
SoldAverage sales price
AssessedAverage County assessed value
P/AAverage sales price รท average assessed value
DaysAverage days on market
$/sfAverage asking price divided by average square feet
$/acThe average asking price divided by average acres
BuiltAverage year built